• 3 Goals give Coill Dubh 1st round SHC win


    SHC Group A Round 1
    13th July @ Naas
    Coill Dubh 3-11 Ardclough 0-15

    Two late 2nd half goals insured Coill Dubh a first round SHC win over Ardclough in Naas.

    Coill Dubh took the lead early on with points from a Tom Byrne ’65 and Ryan Casey effort from play. Martin Fitzgerald opened the scoring for Ardclough though with a ‘65 of his own shortly after.

    Coill Dubh kept the gap intact, getting two points to Ardclough’s one in the following minutes.

    Tom Carew benefitting from a great pass by Ruairí Hayden to point along with Mark Delaney’s score, either side of a Martin Fitzgerald point for the ‘Clough’s.

    Ardclough were earning an increasing amount of possession and this paid off.

    A superb individual effort from Paul Fitzgerald was followed by a Tony Spain point. Before Tom Byrne and Éanna O’Neill responded with a point each for Coill Dubh.

    Ardclough then had a great goal chance. Tony Spain exploited a gap in the Coill Dubh defence only to by brilliantly hooked by corner-back David Brouder at the vital moment.

    Spain’s follow up shot was put out for a ’65 by keeper Chris Byrne, but nothing came from the resulting ’65, and Coill Dubh capitalised. Ross Carew scoring quickly at the other end to out them three ahead.

    The Buggy’s Seán and Colm, got a point each while Ross Carew got one for Coill Dubh all in the in the last ten minutes of the half.

    Coill Dubh were about to get a big boost however. A long-ball into Mark Delaney left the Ardclough defence isolated and Delaney drove his shot, from a difficult angle, past keeper Aidan Buggle to give Coill Dubh a 5 point advantage.

    Ardclough worked hard in the closing moments in an effort to improve the half-time look of the scoreboard.

    Martin and Paul Fitzgerald both got points either side of a Tony Spain score to cut the half-time gap to two points.


    Coill Dubh 1-08
    Ardclough 0-09

    Ardclough started the 2nd half promisingly with further points from Seán Buggy and Enda Duane levelling the match.

    O’Neill then got a badly needed point for Coill Dubh, their first in over ten minutes of play.

    Then was then a flurry of points with Martin Fitzgerald, Cathal Fenton and Paul Fitzgerald scoring for the ‘Clough’s and Tom Carew and Declan Flaherty getting the points for Coill Dubh

    Unfortunately for Ardclough, their scoring then dried up. Only being able to add one more point in the half, a Colm Buggy effort which put Ardclough in the lead for the first time in the game, with ten minutes left on the clock.

    From then on Coill Dubh got the vital scores to seal their win.

    Quickly after Buggy’s point, Damien Behan broke the Ardclough cover to crack his blistering shot to the net.

    There was plenty of action, but very few shots of note in the following moments as both sides scrambled for possession.

    Coill Dubh’s second vital score of the half was again a goal, and it came with two minutes to go. Adrian O’Sullivan firing to the net to give Coill Dubh a five point winning margin.


    Aidan Buggle (Captain); Niall Coulston, Seán Buggle, Robbie Spain; Enda Hoey, Richie Hoban, Peter Coleman; Martin Fitzgerald 0-04 (1f, 1 ’65), Paul Fitzgerald 0-03; Seán Buggy 0-02, Enda Duane 0-01, Ronan O’Malley; Colm Buggy 0-02, Cathal Fenton 0-01, Tony Spain 0-02

    Johnny Reeves for S.Buggy (50m), Kailyn Domican for C.Fenton (55m)

    Coill Dubh:

    Chris Byrne; David Brouder, Noel Casey, Darren Fox; Barry Cahill, Mark Grace, Ross Carew 0-02; Damien Behan (Captain) 1-00, Éanna O’Neill 0-02; Tom Carew 0-02 (1f), Tom Byrne 0-02 (1 ’65), Declan Flaherty 0-01; Ruairi Hayden, Mark Delaney 1-01, Ryan Casey 0-01

    Antoin Carew for R.Hayden (50m), Adrian Sullivan 1-00 for D.Behan (56m)

    Referee: Declan Peppard (Hollywood, Wicklow)

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