SHL Round 5
22nd May @ Coill Dubh
Ardclough 1-14 Coill Dubh 2-11

Coill Dubh earned a draw at home in round 5 of the Senior Hurling League thanks to a last minute strike.

Ardclough travelled to Coill Dubh expecting a hard fought game and after thirty minutes of hurling they had earned a one point half-time lead, six points to five.

The hosts looked to have the better of Ardclough in the second half, with goals coming from Morgan O’Callaghan and the Coill Dubh’s top scorer Mark Delaney.

A fight back from Ardclough was needed. A Brian Coulston goal gave them a major boost, and they took the lead late in the game, only for Coill Dubh to equalise with the last poc of the game.

Best for Coill Dubh: Damien Byrne, Barry Cahill, Damien Behan, Eanna O’Neill and Mark Delaney

Best for Ardclough: Seán Buggy, Darragh Walsh, Enda Hoey, Enda Duane, Ronan O’Malley, Martin Fitzgerald, and Colm Buggy.


Aidan Buggle; Darragh Walsh, Seán Buggle, Niall Coulston; Enda Hoey, Enda Duane 0-01, Peter Coleman; Ronan O’Malley, David Collins; Kieran Brady, Brian Coulston 1-01, Martin Fitzgerald 0-08 (5f’s, 1 ’65); Paul Hogan, Colm Buggy 0-04, Cormac McCarthy

Dermot Coulston for C.McCarthy

Coill Dubh:

Damien Byrne; Darren Fox, Anton Carew, Jack Kenny; Barry Cahill, Mark Grace, Ross Carew; Damien Behan, Éanna O’Neill 0-02; Tom Carew 0-02, Noel Casey, Ryan Casey 0-01; Adrian O’Sullivan, Mark Delaney 1-05 (3f’s, 1’65), Morgan O’Callaghan 1-00

David Brouder for R. Carew, Dean Byrne for D. Fox, Tom Byrne 0-01 for M. O’Callaghan

Referee: Fergus Deveraux (Maynooth)