SHL Round 2
12th April @ Creighton Park, Confey
Confey 0-13 Ardclough 0-12


Confey go top of Senior Hurling League with a single point victory over Ardclough at Creighton Park.

Confey, playing with a mostly full-strength side, dominated much of the first half, with Paul Divilly’s aerial ball winning ability helping them set up attacks.

By half-time the hosts had stormed into a five point lead, 0-09 to 0-04, with Divilly’s six-point haul causing much of the damage.

Ardclough added experience at half-time with Richie Hoban, Paul Fitzgerald and Robbie Spain all entering the fray for the 2nd half.

The change in personal, as well in an overall team improvement, saw Ardclough outscore their opponents by four points in the second half, as they took charge of the game for most of the second period.

Seán Buggy’s free-taking was consistent and vital for Ardclough’s chances, and after he caught a late puck-out and fired it back over Ian Baker’s crossbar, it left Ardclough searching for a last minute equaliser

It never came however, as Confey held out for a one point win which sends them top of the SHL with a scoring difference of +9.


Aidan Buggle; Niall Coulston, Enda Duane, Peter Coleman 0-01; Kieran Brady, Ronan O’Malley, Philip Fitzgerald 0-01; Enda Hoey, Tony Spain; Seán Buggy 0-05, Brian Coulston 0-01, David Collins; Paul Hogan, Cathal Fenton 0-02, Brendan Byrne

Paul Fitzgerald 0-01 for E. Hoey, Richie Hoban for K. Brady, Robbie Spain for D. Collins, Cormac McCarthy 0-01 for P.Hogan, Piaras Ó Mídheach for C.Fenton

Ian Baker; Seán Leamy, Niall Glennon, Brian Dowd; Paul Keegan, Mick Divilly, Kevin Chan; Kieran Divilly, Padraic Keegan 0-01; Colm Chan 0-02, Philip Quigley, Paul Divilly 0-08; Mark Fennelly 0-02, Anto Hoare, Niall Kinsella.

Paul Feerick for K.Chan, Fiachra Lynch for M.Fennelly